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Explore 175+ Unique Shops, Dining, & Events Near Our Oakley Apartments

Living at our Oakley residences situates you merely over a mile from one of Cincinnati’s most cherished shopping and dining treasures—Hyde Park Square. This historic and vibrant area boasts more than 175 eclectic shops, eateries, and galleries, all nestled amongst picturesque tree-lined streets, enchanting fountains, and stately historic homes. This proximity to The Drexel at Oakley means endless entertainment and activities are at your fingertips, ready to fill your days with joy, no matter the season.

Regarded as one of the most sought-after neighborhoods in Cincinnati, Hyde Park Square is a mere fifteen-minute stroll or a quick five-minute drive from your doorstep. Dive deeper into the array of amenities, boutiques, and mouth-watering culinary delights that Hyde Park Square delivers.

Refresh Your Wardrobe at the 18 Specialty Clothing Shops

Whether you’re in the mood to revamp your wardrobe for a special event or simply treat yourself to a new outfit, Hyde Park Square offers a diverse selection of clothing stores guaranteed to match your style. Gentlemen seeking to elevate their fashion game will appreciate 45/46, a boutique boasting over 30 years of expertise in men’s fashion. Ladies, prepare to be enchanted by Diane Firsten‘s selection of attire perfect for work, leisure, and beach-going. Outdoor enthusiasts can gear up at Delamere and Hopkins, while those focused on fitness or yoga will find Lululemon Athletica’s premium activewear irresistible. For evenings or weekends when you wish to add a dash of allure, Knickers of Hyde Park offers an exquisite selection of intimate apparel.

Delight in Culinary Excellence at the Square’s Eateries and Cafés

With our Oakley apartments as your home base, you’re positioned to enjoy an abundance of culinary gems. Hyde Park Square caters to all palates, whether you’re in the mood for an Italian feast with an Argentine twist at Alfio’s Buon Cibo, or craving seafood delights at Keegan’s Seafood. Don’t miss experiencing what feels like grandma’s cooking at The Echo Restaurant, a local brunch favorite. For a sweet finale, Graeter’s Ice Cream continues its long-standing tradition of crafting irresistible ice cream flavors.

A plethora of dining and eating establishments await you at Hyde Park Square. Discover the full list of restaurants and cafes here.

Enhance Your Living Space with Finds from 16 Galleries and Decor Stores

As you make your apartment at The Drexel at Oakley your own, explore Hyde Park Square’s art galleries and home decor shops for the perfect additions to your space. From original artworks at Cockerill to the charming home accents at Hanover House, and unique gifts at Nest, you’ll find everything you need to personalize your home or find a thoughtful gift.

Indulge in Personal Care at the Square’s Wellness Studios and Spas

Embrace well-being and self-care with the multitude of personal care services available at Hyde Park Square, from refreshing your look at Cherry Bomb Salon to unwinding with a massage at Healing Hands, or strengthening your physique at Pendelton Pilates.

Explore the full directory of wellness and personal care offerings here.

Enjoy Seasonal Celebrations and Events Year-Round

Hyde Park Square is the hub for engaging events throughout the year. From the springtime freshness of the Hyde Park Farmer’s Market to the artistic showcase at the Hyde Park Art Show and festive activities like the Halloween on the Square and Annual Holiday Tree Lighting Event, there’s always something exciting to partake in.

Stay updated with the events calendar here.

Discover the Vibrant Life Awaiting at The Drexel at Oakley and Beyond

At The Drexel at Oakley, the allure isn’t just the amenities within—Hyde Park Square offers a tapestry of experiences just waiting to be explored. We invite you to visit our Oakley apartments and see firsthand the vibrant lifestyle that awaits you.

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